I love popsicles.

When I was a kid my mom never kept things in the house that were loaded with sugar.  I'm not sure what her exact criteria was for determining whether or not this is a suitable food to feed to my children, but I do know that we rarely had things like soda, ice cream, candy, or cookies.  We did, however, always had these damn sugar free Fudgesicles and popsicles, and I really grew to hate them over the years.  As a ten year old I did not care much about calories and refined sugar.  I just wanted to eat Nutty Buddy ice cream cones and Firecrackers like my friends.

Last week, the awesome boyfriend brought home this box of Sugar Free Tropical Popsicles.  I took one look at them and turned up my nose.  The joke's on me because when I finally broke down and had one (we were out of dark chocolate), it was delicious!

I think that as an adult, my palate has evolved to become more sensitive to sweeteners.  I often find myself thinking that things are too sweet, especially foods that have refined sugar like candy or soda.  These popsicles are the perfect amount of sweet, and they come in yummy flavors like strawberry and pineapple.  We went back and bought another box of the original flavors and they were tasty as well.  Maybe we'll even add the fudgesicles back soon.

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