Weird dinner tonight.

After work I went to a Tri Delta happy hour with some girls from the DC area.  Side note: if you are a Tri Delta in the DC or Howard County area and you want to join an alumnae group, get in touch with me via email!)  I got there about 20 minutes early so I parked in a garage and walked across the street to Reddz Trading, what I thought was a regular dress shop.  It ended up being this really cool designer resale shop with lots of shoes and purses.  I managed to try on a very cool gold sequined skirt from Apostrophe and buy it for $12(!) before I had to run.  Reddz is in Bethesda pretty close to the metro, so I'll be going back when I have more time.

I met the girls at Black's Bar and Kitchen around 5:00.  I was very impressed with the happy hour menu.  They had $5.00 glasses of wine, and a couple of beers from local breweries on special.  There was a short martini list and I looked it over, but all of the options appeared to be sugar bombs like Lemon Drops and Cosmos so I steered away.  

The happy hour food menu was short: mussels, oysters, shrimp, and calamari.  We got an order of mussels and I also ordered half a dozen oysters.  Both were delicious.  The mussels came in a very garlic-y crushed tomato sauce.  The oysters were from the Chesapeake Bay and I doused them with lots of vinegar.  My whole mouth just started watering as I'm typing this.  Unfortunately I suck at life and I got very distracted by sequins and wine and I forgot to take pictures.  You all will have to use your imaginations and envision a plate of crushed ice topped with six oysters and little cups of vinegar, horseradish, and cocktail sauce.

After happy hour I headed home.  I was a little bit hungry, but not enough for a full dinner.  I poked around in the fridge and found half of a chicken breast and some pepperonis.  Logic today tells me that I should have made a buffalo chicken pizza, but I was too tired.  I warmed up the chicken breast in the microwave and had a regular Tortilla Pizza alongside it.   It was the perfect ending to an already lovely evening.  

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