I love pinkberry.

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I know that pinkberry is old news, but I thought I would mention it anyway in case you haven't heard.  Frozen yogurt shops are in high fashion these days, especially the ones where you get to add your own toppings.  Side note: I avoid those like the plague because I can't control myself and the cups they give you hold enough for 4-6 portions.  At about 20 carbs a serving I'm not recommending that you eat frozen yogurt every day, but once in a while this is a good choice for a sweet treat when you've had a good week.  

pinkberry Caprese salad made
with frozen Greek yogurt
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The awesome new item that pinkberry has rolled out is Greek yogurt with a line of savory toppings.  You can get things like mozzarella cheese, olives, hummus, and basil.  A meal size portion has only 7 carbs and a whopping 18 grams of protein.  There's also a snack size portion that weighs in at only 5 carbs.  This would be a great option for lunch or a heavy snack.

There are also sweet toppings to go with the Greek yogurt, including granola, honey, and a wide array of fresh fruit.  A high protein breakfast will keep you full right up until your 1:00 lunch and is a much better option than cereal, oatmeal, or a bagel that will leave you hungry again at 10:30.

Greek yogurt has not been rolled out to all pinkberry locations yet.  You can get more information about nutritional content and whether or not your location has Greek yogurt here.


  1. Those savory dishes look yummy and fairly easy to replicate at home. Excited to try those!

    Here is the super simple recipe I mentioned to you for frozen yogurt. I think it would be pretty good with the baking splenda: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/tart-n-tangy-fro-yo-10000001898451/

    1. Thanks for the recipe! I'll try it in the ice cream machine and let you know how it goes. I made the chocolate ice cream with heavy cream, egg yolks, and Splenda, and it was good but I wasn't happy with the consistency.