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I think I've mentioned before that sometimes I wander around the grocery store looking for new low carb fare.  This is usually an uneventful venture, but occasionally I will strike gold, as I did with the line of snacks from Mrs. May's.  One of the pitfalls of avoiding sugar is that it can be a challenge to get that 'something sweet' when a craving hits.  You can always have a spoonful of peanut butter or a yogurt, but what if you're not at home or you're tired of eating things with a spoon?  Mrs. May's has a bunch of products that are perfect for this occasion.

The product that I stumbled over in the grocery store was the original Cashew Crunch.  In my grocery store there is a section that has all of the 'health food' and this is where I go to get ground flax, almond meal, coconut oil, etc.  Several Mrs. May's products were nestled on a shelf there, and this is the one that I happened to pick up.  The only ingredients in Cashew Crunch are cashews, sesame seeds, and organic cane juice.

You can check out additional nutrition facts on the website, but I'll tell you now that this product has 10 net carbs per serving.  A serving is about six pieces of Cashew Crunch, which is enough for a small handful.  I like to pick out just three pieces of Cashew Crunch and top them with peanut butter for a salty sweet treat that packs a lot of protein.

Almond Crunch
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After visiting the Mrs. May's website I was delighted to discover that there are dozens of products in lots of flavors.  There's an Almond Crunch that is probably similar nutritionally to the Cashew Crunch.  There are also lots of nut and fruit crunch blends.  Stay away from the tropical varieties as those fruits tend to be high in sugar, but lots of berries are low carb and probably a good choice.  Just check the nutrition facts and make sure that you measure your servings.

All of these products weren't available in my grocery store, but many of them are available on Amazon.  I'm going to be ordering some to review and I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.  I'm especially excited to try the Sesame Strips and the Chocolate Rounds.   

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