Leftovers and Happy Hour

Today was a yummy day.  For breakfast I had my usual fried egg with a little cheese on top.  For lunch I had some leftover goodies in the fridge that I needed to use up.  I hate throwing away food!

That's a Smart and Delicious Soft Wrap from La Tortilla Factory topped with a few pieces for corned beef from the deli.  I love corned beef because if you throw it in a hot pan it will crisp up like bacon.  I melted some Swiss cheese from the deli in the microwave and topped it off with some sauteed mushrooms.

I also had some leftover Cauliflower Mash from a couple of nights ago that I had on the side.  I love a hot work lunch.

After work I met some friends at Frisco Tap House & Brewery for dinner and trivia.  I am in love with bar trivia, although admittedly not that good at it.  I am weirdly accurate at name-that-tune so my friends let me stay on the team.  I love Frisco Tap House because they have a really diverse menu and there are lots of low carb friendly choices.  There is a goat cheese salad with Chorizo that I am mad about and there's also a super spicy buffalo chili that comes with lots of sour cream.

Today I wasn't feeling super hungry so I ordered a side of mushrooms and a side of artichokes.  Both taste of olive oil, garlic, and rosemary.  The portions are huge and this was actually more food than I was able to eat.  The awesome boyfriend doesn't like either of these things so it's always a treat when I'm out without him and I can stuff myself with them.

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