Ribs and Greens

Soul food is one of my dirty obsessions.  The awesome boyfriend comes from a family of amazing cooks and on Christmas I eat my body weight in mac and cheese, cornbread, sweet potatoes, coconut cake, and other carby deliciousness.  The other 364 days of the year I quench my soul food thirst with options that are more sensible and won't completely blow my diet.  Lucky for me there are lots of amazing choices.

I love ribs.  Actually, I love pork in general but there is something special about a rack of ribs that has been slow roasting all day.  There's an awesome sports bar (Big Play Sports Bar in College Park) across the street from my office and I like to sneak over there on Fridays for ribs and greens.  I get the BBQ sauce on the side, plus a little hot wing sauce.  Barbecue sauce is mostly sugar, unfortunately, so getting it on the ribs can turn an okay meal into a bad one.  A rack of ribs comes with two sides so the awesome boyfriend and I can split it and both have a good lunch.  Let me caution you that ribs do have a lot of calories.  There's a misconception among low carbers that you can gorge yourself on as much meat as you want and still lose weight.  This is true up to a point, but everything has limits.  If you're eating 5,000 calories a day you're not going to lose not matter what it is you're loading up on.  Naked ribs are a great low carb choice, but please practice moderation and don't eat a rack for lunch and another for dinner on a daily basis.

Another menu item at Big Play Sports Bar that is truly tasty is the collard greens.  I posted a recipe for Creamy Collards yesterday that is delicious, but I have to hang my head and admit that these are better.  I don't know what they do to these greens to create such a perfect salty, vinegary flavor.  They wouldn't give up the recipe, but one of the owners did tell me that it was a family recipe from Georgia.  If you're in the area and you have a hankering for some southern love, I highly recommend you schedule a trip to sample for yourself.

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