Midnight Snack

The awesome boyfriend and I are getting old.  Sometimes on the weekend we sleep in late and have a late breakfast/lunch.  Then we are hungry for dinner around 5:00 PM.  This weekend we went out for an amazing dinner at Uno Chicago Grill.  I stuffed myself full of grilled vegetables and cheesy chicken, and was completely satisfied.  But around 11:00 PM I started thinking about food again.

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One of my go to snacks when it's late and I don't want to eat a lot is a cup of peppermint tea and some really dark chocolate.  Peppermint tea has all kinds of health benefits, but the main reason I drink it is that is has been shown to suppress appetite and curb sugar cravings.  This dark chocolate is about 90% Cocoa, which means that it is not very sweet.  It also means that a very little bit goes a long way.  I know that three squares seems like a small serving, but it is enough of the bitter sweet chocolate flavor to satisfy my desire for a snack.  

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