Snacks and Leftovers

After work yesterday I was super hungry so I turned on the oven and made this little sweet and salty snack.  I started with a low carb flax pita from Joseph's Bakery.  I put some sugar free peach jelly (about 2 Tbsp total) all over the pita bread and then topped it with 4 slices of brie.  I put it under the broiler on low for a few minutes and then cut with a sharp knife.

Joseph's makes a whole line of low carb, high fiber bread substitutes.  My local grocery store carries the Flax Pita Bread, and the Lavash Bread.  I keep both on hand for wraps and sandwiches.  The nutritional stats on these products are very good and, unlike some other low carb breads, they taste good and will stay fresh in your fridge for a long time.  If you can't find them locally you can order them online.  You can also talk to your local health food store.  Lots of local businesses will order a product like this if you are willing to purchase a case at a time.

For dinner I had the leftovers from yesterday's Spaghetti Squash and Vegetable Roast.  I just put everything into a bowl and heated it in the microwave for a few minutes.  I topped with some shredded Parmesan cheese and a little hot sauce.  It was equally delicious the second time around.

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