Dehydrator has arrived!

The food dehydrator I ordered has finally arrived!  I can't wait to start putting things in there to see what happens.

Snacks I can't wait to make in the dehydrator: 

1.   beef jerky
2.   strawberries
3.   kale chips
4.   apple chips
5.   crunchy green beans
6.   herbs (not a snack, but still...)
7.   green beans
8.   zucchini chips
9.   craisins
10. fruit roll ups

The dehydrator comes with a base, 4 trays, and a lid.  The lid is the part that actually has the electrical components: heating elements and fan.  The base and trays are dishwasher safe.  

There's also a recipe book included with the dehydrator.  It does not have ton of recipes, but there are enough to get started.  I'm already adding dehydrator accessories, like a fine mesh screen for drying herbs and a tray with a lip for fruit roll ups, to my wish list.  In the meantime I've started collecting dehydrator recipes on a Pinterest board so that I can try them later.  

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  1. Nice you got dehydrator. When I got my first dehydrator I excited too much!

    Looks like link to your pinterest board not working :(