Mini Mart Snacks

I love to stop by 7-Eleven on Wednesdays because all coffee is $1.   If you've never experienced the coffee bar at 7-Eleven you should really go and check it out.  There are generally about a dozen different brews to choose from, as well as a multitude of flavored creamers and syrups.  There are also toppings like mini marshmallows and cinnamon sticks, which I think is weird but someone must be using them if they are out there.

My perfect cup of coffee is pretty simple.  I like a dark roast, no fancy flavors, and cream but no sugar.  I don't need the fancy coffee bar for this, but it makes me feel good to know that it's there if I ever change my mind.

I was at the checkout when I stumbled over this cute little mini version of the Green & Black's dark chocolate that I have been loving lately.  You'll remember from my Dark Chocolate Love post that this chocolate is super rich and low in calories.  It's dangerous that I now have access to it within walking distance from my office.  The mini pack was so cute and tempting that I impulse bought it along with my coffee.

A word about this mini chocolate bar for all you choc-aholics out there.  This package has more than one serving!  Don't be fooled into eating the whole thing in one sitting because it's smaller than the original version.  This should be broken down into at least two servings; three is better.  When I was ready to eat mine I had to cut off the portion that I wanted and then wrap the rest back up, tape it closed, and hide it in the recesses of my desk drawer.  

After I finished my usual one egg and flax pita breakfast I enjoyed the rest of my coffee with a serving of chocolate.  It was the perfect way to start my day.  

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