Dark Chocolate Love

My local grocery store has this amazing health food section.  They have several different kinds of whole grains, vegan and organic frozen meals, and a few varieties of dairy free milk.  There is always new inventory in there so when I have time I like to poke around and see if I can find anything interesting.  

Last week when I was in there looking at labels and smelling the produce I noticed that were new chocolate bars.  They ranged from milk chocolate to the very dark, and were sprinkled with additives like sea salt, almonds, and chili peppers.  I settled on this dark variety from Green & Black's.  

When  you open the package you get one bar of dark chocolate that is separated into 30 smaller blocks.  

According to the Green & Black's website, one serving is 12 blocks for 240 calories, 10 sugars, and 14 net carbohydrates.  Those stats are okay, but if you half your serving to 6 blocks you get something a lot more reasonable: 120 calories, 5 sugars, and 7 net carbohydrates.  

The awesome boyfriend and I both found this chocolate to be super rich.  We each cut off a 6 block serving and neither one of us was able to finish it, so we put half of it back.  For 3 blocks of chocolate you are only looking at 60 calories and 3-4 net carbohydrates, which is a dessert you can afford to have every night!  

My recommendation to all you chocoholics is this: If you can control yourself this is a great addition to your low carb pantry.  I've never been a sweets addict (salty, greasy, crunchy is another story...) so I don't have a hard time taking my 3-6 chocolate rectangles out of the bag and leaving the rest.  If the chocolate is going to be calling to you, though, this might not be a good one to have in the house.  Removing the temptation is half of the battle.  

I bought a few more of these chocolate bars and immediately chopped them up into little blocks with a sharp knife.  If you're really a stickler you could even bag them into individual portions.  After dinner I have really enjoyed getting a couple pieces of chocolate to enjoy with a peppermint tea.  

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