Daily Eats: Sunday is the best day.

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I studied for my undergraduate degree in English Creative Writing at  the University of Miami.  I had such a wonderful experience there and received a top notch education that well prepared me for graduate school.  I also made some life long friends.  Oddly enough, 8 of the girls in my sorority that I went through school with have settled nearby in the DC area.  I feel so fortunate to have some of my best friends from college so close by in my adult life.

Sunday all the girls went to a lovely brunch at Chartwell Country Club in Severna Park, Maryland.  The food was delicious and included eggs Benedict, poached salmon, asparagus, bacon, and a bunch of other yummies.  I also had a really tasty bloody Mary with a bunch of celery, olives, and pickled green beans.

After brunch I rushed over to our favorite watering hole, the Greene Turtle in Columbia to watch the football games.  I love the Greene Turtle because there are lots of low carb friendly things on the menu.  There is a Cobb Salad that I really like, the wings are pretty good, and the burgers are big enough to make a good meal without the bread.  Also, if your bartenders love you they will bring you lots of free peanuts.  Peanuts in the shell are a good low carb snack and help keep me from eating things like pizza and french fries.

After football the awesome boyfriend and I retreated back to our house to watch some Hulu and get ready for the work week.  Happy Sunday!  

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