Daily Eats Thursday, November 8

I cooked a Garlic Parmesan Stuffed Squash in the toaster oven at work today!  So much better than a cold sandwich.  While it was baking everybody kept poking their heads in my office telling me that it smelled delicious.  Note: don't bake garlic in a toaster oven unless you want people around you to start salivating.

Before class I grabbed a salad with a friend.  There's not a lot to eat on campus, but we do have a Subway.  I generally just get whatever foot long is $5 and ask them to put it on a salad (half spinach, half lettuce).  This one was a cold cut combo.  I got a Coke Zero on the side.  Power food helps me stay awake during my very long 6-9 PM Thursday night accounting class.

For dinner the awesome boyfriend had a hankering for steak so I stopped and picked up a ginormous Ribeye that I marinated and pan fried.  We split it in half and had some cheesy broccoli on the side.  I just used the cheesy broccoli that steams in the bag, and added a little more shredded cheddar on top.  

This stuff has 4 net carbs per one cup serving, and it cooks in 5 minutes in the microwave.  It's a good side dish when you don't feel like making a big dinner production.  You can find it, or something comparable, in the frozen veggie section of your grocery store.  I usually keep a bag on hand to pull out in a pinch.  

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