Daily Eats: Still loving poached eggs.

Trying to sleep here.....

Sunday is the best day.  I generally get up and walk the dogs then come back in and make a cup of coffee.  I bring my coffee, myself, and the puppies up to my giant king sized bed and we all cuddle with the awesome boyfriend while watching recorded Saturday Night Live from the night before.  It is absolutely one of my favorite weekend activities.

The poached egg kick continues this Sunday with yet another variation: poached eggs over arugula with a side of extra crispy bacon.  I tossed the arugula in some balsamic vinaigrette and I cooked the eggs a little bit harder than usual so things wouldn't get too runny.  The secret to getting bacon perfectly crunchy without burning the edges is to cook it low and slow.    The awesome boyfriend doesn't care for poached eggs much, which was fine because there was more for me!

If you're a new reader, welcome!  You can find directions for poaching an egg in my Steak and Eggs over Arugula recipe.

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