Eats Sunday, November 4

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My friend was still in town from North Carolina so we headed into DC to meet some friends for brunch at Dino.  Dino is an authentic Italian restaurant in the Cleveland Park neighborhood.  There are lots of unusual things on the menu like tongue, sweetbreads, and wild boar.  Normally I jump at the chance to try something new but I just wasn't feeling very adventurous this morning so I stuck to eggs and bacon.

My breakfast came with a bloody Mary that was top notch.  On the way out I asked the owner what he put in the bloody Mary mix to make it so tasty and he told me that it's his own spice blend and has over 20 ingredients!  He said that he just keeps adding a little of this and a little of that until it tastes right, which is my favorite way to cook.  I left convinced that we are kindred spirits.

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After brunch we hopped on the metro and headed down to Chinatown for some shopping.  In the afternoon we stopped at Chinatown Coffee Company for a pick me up.  There is not enough seating in this shop, so it's not a good stop if you want to rest your weary legs, but the coffee is excellent.  I ordered mine in a French press and it came with a side of heavy cream.  It was a perfect low carb afternoon snack.

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We headed down to Arlington to meet yet another friend for dinner at a Mexican fusion restaurant, Fuego.  There weren't a lot of good low carb choices, which is pretty typical of a Mexican restaurant.  In general I try to stay away from Mexican because there are too many temptations.  I did have a spicy tequila with some salt and lime juice that was notable.  The waiter told me that they make it in house by aging regular tequila over jalapenos.

All in all not my best day, but certainly not my worst.  Plus, lots of eating is easier on your body when it is offset by lots of walking.  If you're in the DC area I highly recommend that you stop by Dino and Chinatown Coffee Company.  The food at Fuego was good, but there are lots of delicious salsas, chips, and margaritas to lead you into temptation.  The food was pretty good and the service was excellent, but make sure you have a snack before you go and it will be easier to resist the tortillas!


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