Work Breakfast

When I first started working at my office I thought it was strange that everyone cooked their food.  I'm not talking about a microwave here although we do have one that gets used sometimes.  We have a hot plate and a toaster oven and people make gourmet meals in our tiny kitchen.

Now that I've been working at this job for about a year I have completely assimilated and grown to love my awesome work lunches, but it took some getting used to.  If I ever leave and have to go back to the land of sandwiches and microwaved leftovers I don't know what I'll do!

This omelette was made my sauteing mushrooms in olive oil and then setting them aside to drain.  Then I scrambled two eggs with some heavy cream and let them cook in a small pan until they were toasty brown on one side.  I added the mushrooms and a slice of American cheese to the middle, folded the whole thing over, and served with steak sauce.  How much better does this look than your microwave oatmeal?

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