Coffee and Sunshine


I need a break from these winter blues!  I wake up cranky when it's cloudy outside for multiple days in a row.  Fortunately there are always Saturday and Sunday mornings with the puppies to turn things around.  As soon as the alarm goes off they are in my face.  That cell phone alarm is like the dinner bell for them and they demand to be fed.  They don't really care if it's 6:30 or 9:30, but they spring to face licking action as soon as the buzzer dings.

After feeding and walking them sometimes I like to settle in with a cup of coffee, with a Tablespoon of heavy cream, to watch cartoons.  Netflix has all the episodes of old Nickelodeon cartoons on demand and they are my drug of choice on Saturday mornings.   I tend to alternate between Spongebob, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and the Fairly Oddparents.  I also enjoy Sabrina the Teenage Witch from time to time.

Of course I have my standard couple of pieces of bacon with an egg and some form of low carb bread with cream cheese.  I prefer to order my low carb bread products from Low Carb You Foods, but in a pinch I can always stop by the grocery store and pick up some deli flats.  Half of one has about 6 carbs, so not too bad.

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Here's some nostalgia to get you through the rest of the day, especially if it's a cloudy one.

I found this awesome collage on Deviant Art, created by Alexander Hampton.

And, I feel compelled to add that the grown up versions of the Rugrats eek me out a little bit.  They've been toddlers for almost a decade.  Why do we suddenly feel a need for them to be teenagers?

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