Leftovers breakfast

Breakfast confessions:

  1. I eat a lot of eggs.  I'm talking at least one a day, but some days two or three.
  2. I love coffee.  I have a special and unbreakable bond with my Keurig.  My brother gave me these Kahlua flavored coffee pods for Christmas and I can't stop drinking them.  
  3. I also love leftovers, especially some form of meat for breakfast.  
This morning I walked the dogs per usual and then sat down with a cup of coffee with a little heavy cream.  I fried one egg with some salt and pepper.  I had some Miracle Pot Roast leftover from the other night so I shredded it and just tossed it in the pan next to the eggs.  It was a delicious and protein packed breakfast.  I love to get a heaping dose of protein into my system in the morning.  It just makes me feel good.  

I understand that some folks don't want steak first thing, and that's okay, but if that's the case you should look into getting your protein some other way.  Take a supplement, have an extra egg with cheese, or cook up a couple of pieces of bacon.  

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