Strength Training Play List February 2013

The work out play list is back by popular demand.  This one is all hip hop music so I have been getting it out when I am lifting weights and I need a boost.  The awesome boyfriend has been doing so good about going to the gym since the new year that he's been motivating me to keep up.

I've been doing my yoga/zumba/resistance ball videos regularly at home and I take the dogs on a 30 minute walk about 4 days a week, but that is the lazy Kelly routine.  30 minutes of light exercise 3-5 days a week is enough to make a huge improvement in your heart health, but it may not be enough to shed all of your winter weight.

Does anybody else make excuses that sound outlandish but you still find a way to justify them?  In the summer I was swimming a mile about twice a week and loving it.  I've started bleaching my hair again so that has been my latest excuse for working out at home or skipping the workout entirely.  It's true that chlorine is murder on blonde hair, but swim caps were invented for people like me.

Anyway, feel free to download this, enjoy it, pass it around, modify it- do whatever works (I've been streaming all my music via Spotify lately and I love it).  Just don't try to take your iPod into the pool.  :-)

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