McAlister's Deli: Southwest Cobb

It's hard to go wrong with a Cobb salad.  Some places to try to fancy them up with their own ingredients, but for the most part you're looking at a meat, some cheese, some veggies, and bacon.  This Southwest Cobb from McAlister's Deli did not disappoint.

Everything was fresh and crisp.  The dressing a spicy Chipotle type ranch that I liked so much I ordered extra of.  The salad came with a few tortilla chips as a garnish but I shared them with my friends.  The guacamole provides some additional protein and heart healthy fats.

McAlister's is also famous for serving fresh brewed iced tea in these huge awesome cups.  I met some my friend the Petulant Panda there for lunch when I was last in North Carolina and drank something like 48 ounces of tea.  It would have been embarrassing if it wasn't so delicious.

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