Post Work Out Nutrition Guide

There is a lot of confusion surrounding work out nutrition.  When are you supposed to carb load?  Are you supposed to have protein pre or post work out?  How long after a work out do you have to wait to eat?  Hopefully this infographic will help shed some light.

You can see that what you eat and when you eat it depends on what type of work out you are doing.  For best results you should be strength training about twice as much as running, swimming, or other cardio.  I generally don't eat a lot pre workout because it makes me feel sick, but I do take a pre workout supplement to help get my body the nutrition it needs.

Post work out it's okay to have a few more carbs than you would when you are at rest because your body is going to burn through them.  That doesn't mean go eat pizza, but some brown rice or a sweet potato is a good choice for replenishing electrolytes.

As always, water is key.  Pre, during, and post workout, you should be drinking as much water as possible.  Keeping your body hydrated will ensure that you are able to burn calories more efficiently.

Another thing to think about is adding a Glutamine supplement to your post work out meal.  When you are strength training your body is using Glutamine and it helps recovery to replenish it.  I buy the capsules so that I can open them up and dump them into my post work out protein.

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