Supplement Update

Supplement Update as of September 15, 2012: Results after two weeks of new supplement routine

I've tweaked the regimen a little bit, but not by much.  450 mg green tea twice a day was too much!  I was feeling a little dizzy and having trouble focusing on my work.  I cut down to 300 mg green tea extract twice a day (two capsules) and am feeling energized and full.

Also, I lost two pounds the first week that I went on the supplement overhaul.  Let me say again that supplements alone will not help you lose weight.  They will help increase your metabolism and weight loss when combined with proper diet and exercise.

Make sure to take morning thermogenics with food.  After several days of heartburn and nausea I decided to try to add some low carb bread or flax in the morning with my protein shake.  Initially I had shied away from this because it seemed like a lot of food before 10 AM.  Results were much better.  This week I'm having protein on the way to work, hot flax cereal or a slice of carb controlled bread when I get to work, and then taking morning thermogenics with plenty of water, and I feel great.

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