Food Journal Friday, September 7

2 scoops protein in 12 ounces water
hot flax cereal

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1 slice low carb bread with 1 Tbsp cream cheese

(out at Elevation Burger)
2 burger patties
cheddar cheese
sauteed mushrooms and onions
mustard, mayo
wrapped in lettuce!
Coke Zero

  • I love Elevation Burger for lots of reasons but I'll tell you two right now.  First, they have Coke Zero.  Second, you can order your burgers wrapped in lettuce instead of on a bun.  It's the perfect lunch.
(helping give a surprise birthday party for a friend)
asparagus dipped in spinach flavored cream cheese
3 vodkas with soda and a lime wedge
2 pieces of pizza, no crust

  • Not the best dinner, but sometimes you have to do the best you can with what ya got.  Pizza varies widely in carb count depending on where it's from.  You can shave off a significant portion of carbs by skipping the crust, but still probably at least 20 carbs per slice.  
  • Lesson for next time: come prepared!  No one is going to be offended if you bring a salad from Subway or some beef jerky to snack on.  I got hung up at work and just didn't have time to prepare for the party, but normally that would have been my attack plan.  
80 ounces

none today

green tea extract
fish oil
one a day multivitamin

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