Food Journal Saturday, September 29

Life is finally getting back to normal.  I was a little bit crampy on Saturday, but these were more like normal menstrual cramps and therefore manageable.  I did sleep in until around noon but I managed to drag myself into the shower and venture out into the world to run some errands.  I decided to lay off the supplements for one more day just to be safe.  

2 eggs scrambled with cheese
I was getting my brakes fixed and buying a new tire at a local auto repair shop, and they told me it was going to take about 2 hours.  I had planned on getting my nails done but there was a lack of nail place nearby so I headed across the parking lot to a local watering hole, Golden Sports Bar & Grill in Catonsville, to grab a beer and a snack while I waited.  I'm so happy I wandered in there because it was awesome!  The beers were cheap, the pool tables were plentiful, and the food was delicious.  This place is kind of dark and out of the way so I probably wouldn't have found it if I hadn't been waiting for my car.  Also, I won $50 on a $3 bet playing Keno while I waited for my car!  It was a good day.    

10 wings dry BBQ flavor
blue cheese dressing 
celery sticks
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1 Miller Lite draft

(went out with awesome boyfriend to East Moon)
several different kinds of sashimi: spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon 
miso soup, green salad

still drinking lots of water

none today

skipped today

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