Food Journal Sunday, September 16

This was a throwback to the old days.  Awesome boyfriend and I slept in until something like 12:00 then we got up in a rush to try to make it to the sports bar for a 1:00 kick off.  We ended up staying to watch the 4:00 football games and even the night game because we both took a vacation day the next day.  Holy beer and chicken wings, batman!

(drove through McDonald's on the way to the Greene Turtle)
McDouble- threw away bread, eat burgers, cheese, lettuce, onions, ketchup with a fork
image via
Poison of choice.  Skip
the margarita mix- it's
loaded with sugar.  
coffee with cream

Second Lunch
6 wings with jerk seasoning
blue cheese
celery sticks

(still at Greene Turtle)
Cowboy burger: BBQ sauce, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, cheese, no bun
french onion soup, no crouton, instead of fries

Several Miller Lite drafts and several tequila shots throughout the day.  Don't worry- we took a cab home!

actually didn't do to bad on drinking water- had several large plastic glasses during the day

none today

fish oil
one a day multivitamin
green tea extract

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