Greens and Greens

Work lunch is back!  One of my favorite things about my job is that we have a kitchen that gets a lot of use.  I cook an egg almost every morning and I cook all kinds of awesome-ness for lunch most days.  I eat out about twice a month, and my wallet thanks me for this.

I had 1/2 of a bag of of Dole Southwest salad leftover from the weekend so I took it to work.  I sauteed some Steak-umms and mushrooms with olive oil and set aside on a paper towel to drain.  Then I toasted a low carb pita in the toaster oven.  I spread it with a little pizza sauce and added the steak and mushrooms on top of that.  Then I topped the whole thing with several handfuls of arugula.  I meant to eat it like a pizza but everything kept falling off so I cut it up with a knife and fork.

I tend to buy arugula from the grocery store more than other greens.  I love the spicy, bitter flavor.  More importantly, it will keep in your fridge a lot longer than a bag of spring greens.  Whenever I buy baby spinach I feel like it is wilting after 2 days.  The arugula will stay good for 4-5.

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