Cheesecake Clouds

I've also heard these called Cream Cheese Clouds but I'm calling them cheesecake because that's what they taste like.  The one drawback to this recipe is that it does not travel well.  They'll start getting mushy if you unfreeze them so you can't really pack them as a snack.  The good thing is that they are SUPER rich and creamy so one or two is usually enough to satisfy me.  Don't go crazy on them because they are pretty high in calories, but butter increases your HDL cholesterol so it's okay to have a little.  The upside of a high calorie high protein snack is that it will generally keep you full longer.

8 ounces cream cheese (this is generally what's in one of the small tubs)
1 stick of butter
1/2 C Splenda (if you like cheesecake a little sweeter, you can use 3/4 C Splenda)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Soften both your cream cheese and your butter in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds.  They should not be runny, but both should be soft enough to be easily mixed with an electric hand mixer or wooden spoon.  
  2. Add cream cheese, butter, Splenda, and vanilla extract to a large bowl.  
  3. Mix well with an electric hand mixer or wooden spoon until the mixture is fluffy
  4. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.  Drop the mixture by spoonfuls onto the wax paper.  
  5. Freeze until firm (at least 1 hour).  These are meant to be eaten frozen.  I like to thaw mine for a few minutes (5 or 10), but any more than that and they'll start getting too mushy.  
  6. This recipe should make 24-30 cheesecake clouds. 
A serving is 2-3 and will have about 150 calories and 2 g carbs.  

As with many of my recipes, you can try different flavor combinations to find what you like the best.  These are really good with some lemon zest.  You can also use almond extract and then roll them in almond slivers before you freeze, but make sure that you count those extra carbs.  You could try adding peanut butter, cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder, a pinch of nutmeg, or maybe some coconut or fresh berries.  If you try a combination that is particularly good, please report back!


  1. reading all your recipes make me want to try them and go low carb!! these sound so good!

    1. These cheesecakes are delicious. I keep a bag of them in the freezer and grab one whenever I want something sweet.

      If you are thinking about doing low carb there is a great starter book called How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds by Dana Carpender. I think I got my copy used on Amazon for like $7.