Successes and Struggles: Week 3


  1. Each day I feel myself needing to snack a little bit less, which is amazing.  Before I started low carb I felt like food ruled my life.  While I was eating one meal I would be thinking about what to have for the next meal.  Now I just eat when it's time and am able to fill my brain with other things.  
  2. Speaking of my brain, I am feeling super alert and able to get things done.  I've been extremely productive at work over the past two weeks.  It's possible that the nice weather is the cause of this but I like to think that eating better has something to do with it.  
  3. Can you believe I've gone so long without a drink?  I had one beer at happy hour with some coworker and one beer with awesome boyfriend while we were out shopping one Sunday.  Gone are the days of after work tequila.  
  4. My wallet is super happy about not eating out and even more happy about not paying for booze out.  Awesome boyfriend and I are thinking about buying a new sectional sofa.  
  5. After work snack is kicked!  I'll have a little something if I am hungry but there's no longer and all consuming need to eat just because I am home.  

  1. I'm still craving sweets occasionally in the evening.  I've been making low carb peanut butter cookies and cheesecake clouds which usually does the trick, but these things have carbs and it would be nice to not depend on that sweetness after dinner.  
  2. I'm tired.  Cooking three meals a day for two people is just too much.  Awesome boyfriend has been helping, but there are so many dishes and so much prep.  We're probably going to be doing more hot flax cereal for breakfast and less bacon and eggs just to cut back on cooking.  
  3. I just registered for classes next semester and it looks like I will be out 2 nights a week.  Plus guitar lessons makes 3.  I've been spoiled this semester by a professor that dismisses us very early, but this might not be the case come September.  I'm going to have to develop some more quick fix meals.  
  4. I feel bad that we are using so many plastic bags.  I try to pack things in plastic containers when possible but then I don't want to lug 6 containers to work so some things go in sandwich bags.  I don't want to keep throwing them in the trash.
  5. I really miss diet soda.  Not all the time, but sometimes I want one in the afternoon or at work.  I love drinking so much water, but I still want a diet coke from time to time.  Maybe this will pass like the other cravings did.  
  6. I am really pissed that the scale I ordered isn't working!  And I keep forgetting to take it to the post office to return to Amazon so I haven't been able to get another one yet.  Must remember to do that tomorrow.  

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