Food Diary Saturday, April 14

1 flax muffin

1/2 C Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage
scrambled in coconut oil with 2 eggs
1/4 C heavy cream
1/4 C shredded cheese
3 green onions chopped

3 lettuce wraps-
1 large romaine lettuce leaf
1 Tbsp chive flavored cream cheese
1 slice deli ham cut into three pieces and layered
small squirt of mayo

2 Cheesecake Clouds

2 C salad greens tossed with
2 Tbsp Newman's Own original recipe Italian dressing
1 large ribeye steak pan fried in butter and coconut oil
topped with butter, salt, pepper

2 low carb peanut butter cookies

water to drink all day

B complex- 1 with breakfast
raspberry ketones- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
L-Glutamine- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
fish oil- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
fiber- 1 with lunch
Vitamin D- 1 with breakfast

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