Successes and struggles: Week 1


  1. Feeling full during the workday which makes it easier to avoid carby, sugary snacks and desserts that people bring in and leave in the kitchen.  
  2. Kicking caffeine addiction has been MUCH easier than I expected.  I've been drinking tea with artificial sweetener when I feel like I need a cup of coffee and that seems to keep cravings at bay.  
  3. I haven't missed my after work cocktail as much as I expected.  Wonderful boyfriend has given up beer for a couple of weeks as well and this makes abstaining much easier.  I'm taking up guitar lessons hoping this will give me something to do in the afternoon besides drink wine and gossip with neighbors.  
  4. Not eating out = more money for purses, concerts, guitar lessons, and other fancy things.  


  1. I can't kick my after work snack.  I've tried but it's just not happening.  I'm trying to save either part of my breakfast or part of my lunch for after work.  Or maybe push my afternoon snack to the 6:00 mark.  Or, I might just boil a bunch of eggs and have one of those after work if I am hungry.  
  2. Still looking for a gym that is close to the house and has convenient hours.  There is a YMCA nearby but it's always slammed after work and then it closes pretty early.  
  3. Sweet cravings are raging after dinner.  Usually I have some low carb pudding or a sugar free popsicle but neither of those are really allowed on induction.  Last night I had some hot tea with artificial sweetener but it didn't help much.  Hope this gets easier as time passes.  
  4. Weekend coming up which is when I usually consume alcohol.  I'll have to search for activities that don't involve meeting friends for drinks.  I see a lot of movies in my future.  
  5. All this planning and cooking ahead of time is cumbersome!  Last night I cooked eggs for this morning, ground beef for lunch today, and muffins for a snack.  I'm going to have to figure out how to cook things in bulk while still having some variety in my meals.  

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