Food Diary Saturday, June 16

So, Saturday morning was not so good for me.  As I mentioned previously, I drank too much alcohol on Friday night.  I paid for this misstep in many ways (most of all with my pride when I tripped coming up one stair and did a face plant on the patio), one of those being an awful upset stomach all day Saturday.  I drank lots of bottles of water- I lost count after six- and ate lots of bread in a desperate attempt to get my heartburn  to calm down.  This is just another way that alcohol can wreak havoc on a diet.  Tummy finally settled down sometime after lunch and I got back on track for dinner.  Like I always say, you can't beat yourself up when these things happen.  Just keep it moving.  Here are the ugly stats from breakfast and lunch, and the not so ugly stats from dinner:

1 egg McMuffin from McDonalds
so much bottled water
3 bagels (!)

boxed lunch from Jay's Deli:
roast beef sandwich on wheat with tomato slices and lettuce
small bag of Lay's original potato chips
oatmeal cookie
even more water

(out with mom and some friends at Lucky 32 in Greensboro, NC)
chicken breast topped with dijon mustard sauce, ham, cheese, and mushrooms
1 C cooked collard greens
side of deviled eggs 
more water

I think this may be the most water I've ever consumed in a day.  

raspberry ketones
fish oil
B complex
vitamin D

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