Food Diary Sunday, June 17

2 rounds Mini Babybel Light Original Cheese
iced tea sweetened with Splenda

1/2 C sunflower seeds

This is a good high protein, high fiber snack that is
available at lots of gas stations.  Good for staying full
on the road.  
(on the road back to Maryland)
1 pack Jack Link's original Beef Jerky
1 red bull total zero
1 single serve pack Planter's mixed nuts

(out at Catonsville Gourmet Market with awesome boyfriend)
side salad with asiago dressing
1 smoked BBQ shrimp skewer
1 crab meat cigar: rolled prosciutto stuffed with crab meat and cheese
12 oysters with horseradish and lemons
unsweet tea with Sweet'N Low

had a lot of water in the afternoon, but not much during the day because I was in the car.

raspberry ketones
fish oil
B complex

Generally I stay away from BBQ sauce because it's loaded
with sugar.  This was a very small amount.  

The crispy crab cigars are a staple at Catonsville Gourmet
and were highly recommended by our waiter.  They were
delicious!  The prosciutto is baked so that it becomes
firm enough to pick these up and eat with your fingers.
I'm going to try to duplicate the recipe at home- will keep
you updated.  
I think we have been over this before but I am an
oyster-aholic.  I could eat them every meal.  They make
an awesome low carb snack or meal.  Always a good choice.

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