Ice Cream Shaker

Look what came in the mail today!

My ice cream shaker is finally here!  (And my puppy snuck into another picture.  He loves the camera.)  I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture before I opened it, but I put it back in the box so that you can get the gist.  

I ordered this guy from stupid.com, a site that I have mentioned before.  They have lots of funny gag gifts and novelty items, but I've also come across a couple of things that I've actually been able to use in my kitchen.  This ice cream shaker is old school and works on the same principle as an electric ice cream machine.  You add ice, salt, and water to the bottom.  Then you add desire ingredients to the aluminum chamber and shake for three minutes.  The salt water becomes colder than the regular freezing point of most liquids and so the aluminum chamber freezes and so does whatever is inside.  Today  I added heavy cream, cocoa powder, Splenda, and cinnamon, and the results were very good!  
There are a couple cons to this little wonder.   First, the aluminum chamber that actually makes the ice cream is very small.  It makes about 5 bites at best.  Second, three minutes of shaking is annoying.  Third, I filled the aluminum chamber too full and the cream leaked so I ended up shaking in a towel, although I will disclose that the instructions warned against this but I chose not to listen.  

The verdict?  This is a good product and well worth the $10 I paid for it, but not more than that.  I will absolutely be using it again.  Also, it gave me hope that I might be able to make Splenda or Torani sweetened ice cream in an electric ice cream maker.  I'm reluctant to purchase one because I've heard mixed reviews about completely skipping the sugar in those things.  


  1. I saw a youtube video where they were making ice cream in an electric ice cream maker with splenda on an atkins diet plan. I searched for easy ways to make ice cream. Your little gadget might be something for my to purchase! I want ice cream!

  2. I'm thinking about buying an electric one, although heavy cream has about 1 carb per Tbsp so even without the sugar the amount you can have in one sitting is limited. I need to check at Bed Bath & Beyond because they keep sending me those 20% off one item coupons in the mail.