Groceries Tuesday, June 19

So many groceries I couldn't fit them into one shot!  
  • rotisserie chicken: great low carb meal in a hurry
  • frozen scallops: I usually use about half a bag of these at a time.  
  • milled flax seeds: for use in hot flax cereal
  • salad almonds: great way to add crunch to your salad without adding a ton of carbs
  • salad onions: these little onions are crunchy.  You only get about 1 Tbsp per serving, but they are wonderful on top of chicken salad wraps
  • Dole Southwest salad kit: I love this.
  • tomato sauce: I keep this on hand, but tomato sauces can be tricky.  Make sure that you read labels because some can have as many as 14 carbs per half cup.  Yikes!  
  • romaine lettuce: another ingredient to keep on hand
  • olive oil: good in so many things- keep on hand
  • Ragu alfredo sauce: I use this to make lots of pasta sauces, including my special sauce.
  • lobster tails: These were on sale for $5.99 each (!) so I bought some.  Going into the freezer for now.     
  • big bag of Splenda: I buy the grocery store brand because it's much less expensive.  
  • heavy cream: keep on hand.  Little carton goes to work for my coffee and occasional chai.
  • gerber graduates lil crunchies in tomato and cinnamon flavors: Awesome low carb snack when you need a little crunch.  Make sure that you count your serving size.  You can find these in the baby food aisle.  
  • Little Puffs: You'll also find these in the baby food aisle.  You get 90 of them for a few carbs, so also a good sweet and crunchy snack.  
  • Marzetti Balsamic Vinaigrette: great low carb salad dressing- keep on hand
  • Daisy Cottage Cheese: great low carb snack.  Make sure you get the one that says 4%.  
  • Babybel cheese rounds: another great snack with zero carbs.  
  • Muenster cheese: muenster melts down really well.  I use it on burgers, in eggs, on salads, etc.    

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