Food Diary Saturday, June 9

Let me say that although delicious these are
NOT a good low carb snack!  I was at an
event in DC and I felt like I was going to
faint I was so hungry, so I had a few bites.
I stay away from bars in general because
they are usually loaded with sugar.  


(out at McDonald's)
1 egg scrambled with cheese
2 sausage patties
diet coke

1/2 C mixed nuts
1/2 of 1 Luna chocolate raspberry protein bar

(picked up from East Moon Asian Bistro)
1/2 serving chicken lettuce wraps-
grilled chopped chicken mixed with peppers and
image via
lots of spices, served with leaf lettuce for wrap

(BBQ at a friend's house)
hamburger patty topped with
cheese and 1 tomato slice
handful of cherries
1 C mozzarella, cherry tomato, and garlic salad from grocery store deli
4 Tbsp cajun cheese dip with celery sticks
2 glasses Skinny Girl Cosmo over ice

huge day for water- I was outside in the sun all day

vitamin D
fish oil
raspberry ketones

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