Food Diary Saturday, June 2

(out at Dunkin Donuts)
chopped steak, egg, and cheese- this came on a sandwich but I threw away the bread
1 medium iced coffee with cream and Splenda

1/4 lb mixed nuts
Diet Coke
This is a good substitute when I'm not having alcohol.  

(out at some cafe)
philly cheese steak and fries
with ketchup

handful of mixed nuts
1 bottle Bud Light

(out at McCormick & Schmick's)
bottled Pellegrino over ice with lime wedges
tomato gazpacho
I love all seafood, especially shellfish.  
seared scallops
sauteed spinach
sun dried tomato pesto

lots of water all day, but not as much as when I'm sitting at my desk or at home

Forgot to bring my supplements on vacation.

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