Groceries Tuesday, June 5

  • 1.5 pounds flank steak: for stuffed flank steak recipe
  • mustard greens: for stuffed flank steak recipe.  When you buy these you will feel like you're getting too much, but you're not.  They'll cook way down.  
  • cottage cheese: one of my favorite low carb snacks- I keep a container of it at work
  • butter: we use so much butter
  • cherries: berries are a sticky issue.  They are NOT allowed during induction because you are trying to teach your body to quit craving sugar.  You only get about 1/4 of a cup per serving, which is maybe 4-6 cherries.  If you can limit yourself to a handful, go ahead.  If you can't stop after just a few, better not even keep them in the house.  
  • whipped cream: delicious and great with sugar free jello
  • paper towels: probably don't need an explanation
  • Frank's Red Hot wing sauce: for use in buffalo wing recipe.  Also a good thing to have on hand.  
  • ground flax seeds: these can be used in so many things, but my primary use is in the hot flax cereal that I have most days for breakfast.  
  • bag salad: these can also be tricky so make sure that you read labels, especially serving sizes.  The serving size for this is only 1 Cup so you have to count those carbs correctly.  Also, lots of these bag salads have dressings with hidden sugars that can add lots of carbs.  This southwest salad by Dole is a safe choice.  

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