A little present to myself.

Look what came in the mail today!  An egg cooker shaped like a chicken?  That's just silly.

I love hard boiled eggs in all of their forms.  I like them deviled, chopped up on salads, or slathered on an egg salad sandwich.  Problem is, I hate cooking them.  I usually end up dropping one into the pot and cracking it, which makes a mess in the water.  Or, I cook them too hot and the yolks turn green.  Or, I don't cook them hot enough and the yolks come out runny and I've wasted a whole batch of eggs.  Another problem is that it's hard to justify so much work for just one egg to top a salad or something.  

Enter this little gadget, which I ordered here.  If you've never visited stupid.com it's worth a trip.  They sell all kind of kitschy, funny stuff.  I get the emails when they have new items and this little guy popped into my inbox last week.  The best part about it is that it actually works!  I was a little scared that the metal piece was going to blow up my microwave but it didn't.   

No more worries about cooking the perfect egg.  Now, I can put an egg in the microwave while I'm making coffee in the morning, and have it on my salad for lunch.  

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