Food Diary Thursday, May 17

Super crunchy.  These make
for a great afternoon snack.  
hot flax cereal
1 C coffee with
1 Tbsp heavy whipping cream

4 pieces of bacon
3 wedges of goat cheese
1/2 cup dry roasted edamame by Seapoint Farms
1 C Broccoli with Feta and Shallots

2 pieces of Muenster cheese from the grocery store deli
1/2 C ranch flavored sunflower seeds
16 ounce bottle Diet Dr. Pepper

1 Philly Style Cheeseburger
1 C Bacon Cole Slaw
1 glass iced tea sweetened with Splenda

1/2 of 1 Atkins bar in chocolate coconut

lots of water today

fish oil- 1 with breakfast
B complex- 1 with breakfast
L-Glutamine- 1 with breakfast
raspberry ketones- 1 with breakfast
fiber- 1 with breakfast

  • A note on low carb bars, ice cream, cookies, etc: If you absolutely have to satisfy a sweet tooth, these products are a much better choice than actual cookies and ice cream.  That being said, I try to stay away from these Frankenfoods in general.  To get to the super low carb count, these products subtract out sugar alcohols, and the jury is still out on whether or not those affect your blood sugar or not.  In addition, part of the idea behind low carb is to teach your body to quit craving so much sugar, and by feeding the cravings with sweets you are not doing that.

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