Food Diary Saturday, May 5

So today is the Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, and the Mayweather fight.  It's the perfect storm.  Try to maintain moderation with both alcohol and food!

Have a good Morning Hot Flax Cereal

1 stick of string cheese

1 small iced coffee from Starbucks with
2 pumps of sugar free cinnamon syrup and
2 Tbsp cream
Yum.  Awesome boyfriend and I had 2 plates
of these!  
2 pieces of Swiss from the grocery store deli

(out at Loafers 2)
1 Miller Lite
4 vodka sodas with lime
-1 1/2 ounce vodka topped with seltzer water with 1 lime wedge squeezed
6 lemon pepper wings
5 celery sticks
3 Tbsp blue cheese dressing
4 steamed shrimp topped with Old Bay
side Caesar salad no croutons

L-Glutamine- 1 with breakfast
fish oil- 1 with breakfast
B complex- 1 with breakfast
raspberry ketones- 1 with breakfast
fiber- 1 with breakfast

*You know the drill.  On Saturdays I sleep until ten or eleven and usually am not hungry for breakfast and lunch.  Don't skip meals if you are hungry!

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