Groceries Thursday, May 31

  • Keurig iced coffee pods: My Keurig is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Who doesn't love coffee at the push of a button?  It's like the Jetsons.  Iced coffee is great for summer so I'm glad I was able to find these at the Giant.  
  • 2 bags shredded mozzarella: Pizza casserole was so good I decided to make it again.  I'm making two this time.  One will have mushrooms and one will not.  Awesome boyfriend can't stand them and I love them so we each have to have our own casserole.  Isn't that completely ridiculous?  
  • pizza sauce: I know that the recipe says to make your own sauce but I didn't feel like it this time.  
  • Italian sausage: for pizza casserole
  • cottage cheese: This is a great low carb snack.  The serving is a pretty good size for this brand so it's usually the one I stick to.  If you buy cottage cheese make sure to check the labels!  Some of them have a pretty high carb count and low serving size.  
  • green bell pepper: for pizza casserole
  • red onion: for pizza casserole
  • sliced onions: for pizza casserole
  • pepperonis: for pizza casserole
  • Coke Zero: I had eaten a bunch of sunflower seeds in the car and was super thirsty when I got to the grocery store.  I grabbed this to drink while I was in there.  


  1. How many grams of carbs are in the ragu pizza sauce? I bought something that had 3g in it for a 1/4 cup... I was wondering if the ragu was lower?

  2. It's the same- 3 carbs for 1/4 of a cup. I haven't found one with a lower count, although I haven't checked in more than a year. Pizza sauce is just one of those things that it's better to get used to not eating unless you're using it in a recipe. The good news is that you can have plenty of Alfredo or cheese sauce! Sometimes I use 1/2 Alfredo and 1/2 red sauce.

  3. That's a good Idea. I made this today. Loved it!