Food Diary Wednesday, May 2

1 Have a Good Morning Hot Flax Cereal
1 Cup Bigelow vanilla caramel tea with 1 packet Sweet'N Low

1 C cooked collard greens
1 small side salad with onions, tomatoes, and ranch dressing
1/2 rack ribs no sauce
diet coke with 1 ounce Bacardi

Tomato garlic butter mussels.  
3 chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce
1 Tbsp sour cream
1 string cheese

1 box mussels in tomato and garlic butter sauce
served with melted butter

Sweet and Creamy Chai

fiber- 1 with breakfast
fish oil- 1 with breakfast
L-glutamine- 1 with breakfast
raspberry ketones- 1 with breakfast
B complex- 1 with breakfast

These mussels are one of the secret weapons in my arsenal.  They come
in a couple of flavors and they are SO GOOD.  The tomato flavor is a little
carb heavy, but these are extremely filling so I just cut the veggies if I
want the tomato kind.  The butter flavor has only 4 carbs in the whole
box!  They sell them in my grocery store next to the seafood counter.  If
you can find them buy them, and pull them out when you need
a quick meal.

They're all frozen together when they come out of the box.  All you do is
add them to a pan, cover it, and cook for 5-7 minutes.   Serve with some
butter or maybe some hot sauce on the side. 

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