Food Diary, Tuesday May 1

Have a Good Morning Hot Flax Cereal
1 cup Bigelow vanilla caramel tea with 1 packet Sweet'N Low

1/4 rotisserie chicken topped with
cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper
1 C chopped Romaine tossed with
1/4 C shredded Parmesan and
2 Tbsp Newman's Own creamy Caesar dressing

1 banana nut flax muffin

cranberry spritzer-
large cup with 1/2 sugar free cranberry juice
1/2 raspberry flavored soda water
squeeze 2 lime wedges

1 piece of Juicy Lemon Chicken
with 1 serving of Broccoli with Feta and Shallots

1 banana nut flax muffin with
1/4 C Breyer's carb control vanilla ice cream*

L-Glutamine- 1 with dinner
raspberry ketones- 1 with dinner

*I may have eaten too much flax today.  I had a mental moment and forgot that I already had a flax muffin with lunch when I had the second one after dinner.  Flax is a seed rather than a grain, so it's okay for a low carb diet but still in moderation.  I'm going to do some research tomorrow and report back.

Normally I STAY AWAY from fake low carb foods, for a couple of reasons.  First, even though the box says 4 net carbs that's not necessarily true.  Breyer's subtracts out the sugar alcohols to reduce the carb count, but some people's bodies are still susceptible to those.  Another issue is that these foods taste pretty close to the real thing and are therefore feeding your sweet tooth.  The idea here is to teach your body not to crave sugar in any form, and ingesting ice cream is not helping with that effort.  That being said, there's nothing wrong with having a small amount from time to time in moderation.  I have some restaurant style ramekins at my house that hold about 3 ounces and I fill one of those if I do want some ice cream.

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