Food Diary Monday, May 28

Lunch (we slept until around 12 PM)
back to Cook Out in Greensboro- we can't get enough of that stuff
cheeseburger (no bun) topped with
cheese, chili, slaw, onions
side of slaw
Diet Coke

(with awesome boyfriend's dad in Stem, NC)
2 servings of Vodka topped with
diet Mountain Dew
2 pork ribs cooked on grill
2 pieces of chicken cooked on grill
1/2 C potato salad*
1 C mac and cheese*

**Darn!  I was doing so good this trip but I couldn't hold out when presented with the country goodness.  Awesome boyfriend caved first and I shortly followed suit.  If there is a wonderful meal to spend some carbs on, Southern home cooking is the way to go, but this was still a huge setback for me.  Measurements this week reflected both this meal and large amounts of alcohol we consumed while we were home.  Planning to get in some good exercise this week to punish myself for this lack of willpower.  Keep taking supplements, tighten up the next few weeks, and keep it moving.


  1. I totally would have caved too! Mac & Cheese and potato salad, are on my list of cheat items at some point in time!

  2. It was so good, but I'm a little annoyed with myself. We didn't cheat all weekend and then fell apart right in the 9th inning.

  3. Don't feel too bad, I had pig pickin' cake on memorial day... that was the major thing for me...and I literally got the worst headache ever from it. It made me sick to the point I had to go lay down. I purposely took my measurements in the morning before the cookout to see before I even started eating. It would've been a lot worse, but my mom made everything low carb and only 1 dessert so that I wouldn't be so overwhelmed and tempted to cheat, then I felt so guilty after the cake, and yesterday, but thats ok... I'm working on it. My mom told me the art of low carb is that when u go n have a cheat day immediately go back to induction for at least 2-3 days (maybe 5 depending how bad you cheated) and it puts your body back in check and on program. My mom lost 30 pounds in a month and she was going out every weekend. She found a bar that carried heavy whipping cream so she'd have them make white russians with heavy cream...she gave me a ton of info that she used to follow, because she and all the drs. in the hospital were following it.

  4. That's more evidence that sugar is toxic. The longer you stay away from it the worse you will feel when you do have some.