Food Diary Thursday, May 24

Starbucks only has half and half so I just get it black and
add the heavy cream at my office.  
hot flax cereal
1 cup coffee with
2 Tbsp heavy cream and
1 packet Splenda

1 C chopped romaine topped with
1 diced tomato slice
2 Tbsp sliced shallots
1/4 C shredded Parmesan
2 Tbsp Newman's Own Creamy Caesar
2 small pieces of Baked Chicken
This spinach dip has about 1 carb per Tablespoon, so make
sure you measure!  It's really filling and a good after
work snack.  Have it with celery for some fiber and crunch.  

medium iced coffee from Starbucks with
4 pumps sugar free cinnamon
2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream

2 celery stalks spread with
4 Tbsp spinach dip
2  Atkins Revolution rolls topped with
2 Tbsp cream cheese

(out at East Moon Asian Bistro)
Any type of raw tuna is always a safe choice.  This
could be ahi, sashimi, tataki, or any other variety.  
1 serving pepper tuna
2 pieces spicy scallop
green salad with ginger dressing
egg drop soup
seaweed salad
green tea with 1 packet Sweet'N Low

fish oil- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
L-Glutamine- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
raspberry ketones- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
fiber- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch
B complex- 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch

Spicy scallops are usually a good choice as long as you
avoid the rice.  Check with your waitress to make sure that
tempura flakes aren't mixed in.  Or, sit at the sushi bar where
you can watch them make it.  I've always found those sushi
chefs to be really friendly and happy to answer questions.  

Seaweed salad can be hit or miss because sometimes there
are added sugars or sweet sauces.  Ask your waitress or
sushi chef how it's prepared.  The good news is that it is
generally a small serving so there's little chance of
uncontrolled pigging out.  


  1. Starbucks does have heavy whipping cream! Don't let them fool you!! They have it in stock for how they make their whip cream. They complain about it, but they have it in the back because they make their own whip! Their whip isn't like ready whip!

  2. I'll have to remember to ask at the one by my office next time. I've asked for it before in there and they have said no. Maybe I need to try when it's not busy.

  3. Their a pain in the butt over it. I have a terrible starbucks addiction, so when my mom recently wanted to go I was so disappointed because I thought for sure starbucks was going to be out of my life for a while... But i know starbucks definitely makes their own whip because a friend of mine used to work in one locally, if they say no, say its the heavy whipping cream they make the whip topping out of, I love the blank stare of asking for it, but they have it! I figure if I'm gonna pay that heavy price, I'm getting my heavy cream!