Food Diary Monday, May 21

These are a great low carb meal when you are on the go.
They're really filling and pretty tasty.  I like mine with
a splash of Texas Pete.  
1 Jimmy Dean sausage and cheese omelet
1 cup coffee with
1 Tbsp heavy cream

(out at Kiyoko Express)
steak with mushrooms
side of hibachi onions and zucchini*
spicy mayo
Coke Zero

1/2 C ranch flavored sunflower seeds
2 slices provolone cheese from the grocery store deli

1 C shrimp salad from grocery store deli
1/2 C spinach dip from grocery store deli*
3 celery sticks

  • This wasn't a terrible lunch.  I ate all of the steak and about half of the vegetables.  If you ever do order something like this make sure that you go easy on the onions and zucchini.  They're not on the 'no' list, but they should be eaten in small quantities.  
  • Spinach dip is always a grey area.  If you order it, make sure to check the ingredients first!  This particular variety was made of sour cream, spinach, lemon juice, and some spices, so a little is okay.  Often times there are hidden carbs or added sugars in restaurant dips.  Also, if you order a veggie based dip make sure to count those vegetables.  It's impossible to know exactly how much you are getting so make a generous guess.  Better to be eating less than your daily allowance than more.  
  • I forgot my supplements today.  Oops!  

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