Groceries Tuesday, October 16

Purchased at Giant Food on Centre Park Drive in Columbia, MD

  • carb control yogurt: keep on hand
  • steam in bag broccoli with cheese: keep on hand
  • Rooster sauce: keep on hand, awesome boyfriend loves this stuff
  • Onion flavored cream cheese: keep on hand
  • Sour cream: keep on hand, serve with quesadillas
  • celery: keep on hand to eat with veggie dip or peanut butter
  • asparagus: for use in Roasted Veggies recipe
  • butternut squash: for use in Roasted veggie recipe
  • mushrooms: keep on hand, for use in roasted veggies recipe
  • meatballs: snack!
  • salami: keep on hand, great with tortillas or to eat alone

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