Food Journal Monday, October 1

I can pretty much guarantee you that my study group never
looks this happy to be studying.
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I'm sure that some of you have noticed that I am behind on recording my food journals for September.  I'm so sorry if you are relying on those to plan your meals!  I highly recommend that you go back to April and May and reference food journals there if you need some inspiration.  I've been really busy with my grad school classes, but I'm going to try to do better in October.    I'll be continuing to update food journals for September, but I'm going to move on to October as well so that I don't get too far behind.  Onward!

1 high fiber, low carb tortilla from La Tortilla Factory
2 scrambled eggs
1 slice American cheese
1 Tbsp sugar free jelly

salad: mixed greens, steak-umms, crumbled goat cheese, pecans, Kraft Balsamic Tomato Basil dressing

(drive through McDonald's on the way to class)
1 McChicken patty (throw away bread, lettuce and mayo okay)
medium coffee with 2 creamers
tortilla pizzas are great when you need a quick meal

1 high fiber, low carb tortilla
topped with 2 Tbsp pizza sauce
pepperonis, peppers, onions
shredded cheese blend
bake in oven at 350 for 10 minutes

1 glass Crystal Light sugar free iced tea

1/2 C carb control ice cream
1 Oreo (oops!)

100 ounces

walked the doggies after class, around 30 minutes

fish oil
one a day multivitamin
green tea extract

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