Tastefully Simple goodies have arrived.

I'm sure that some of you will remember that I attended a Tastefully Simple party back in August and was extremely pleased with the wide selection of low carb products available.  If you're not familiar, Tastefully Simple is a company that sells an array of starters, helpers, and seasonings that are designed to make cooking easier.  The products range from dip mixes to flavored oils to cocktail bases.  I haven't tasted the whole line but all of the products that I have sampled have been tasty.  Here's what I have to share with you today:

The lemon infused oil smells so lemony fresh I had to remind myself that it was oil and I probably shouldn't drink it straight from the bottle.  The Everyday Grillin Seasoning is your basic grill spice that can be added to chicken, steak, veggies, etc, and it also smells amazing.  The product that I am the most excited about is the Marinara Sauce Mix.  You all know that I have been on a quest for low carb marinana to go with my Tofu Pasta with Special Sauce.  This jar of spice can be added to stewed tomatoes to create a marinara sauce with no added sugar.  Excited?  You bet I am! 

The lovely Jen, my Tastefully Simple consultant, was gracious enough to pad my order with lots of samples (probably to make me buy more stuff- she's sneaky) that I'm going to be trying in days to come.  Included was some kind of jalapeno jelly that she tells me is good on burgers, and a packet of spicy season salt that I'm going to add to some tacos.  Keep an eye out for these goodies in future recipes, and if you want to order your own products, you can get hooked up with you own consultant via the Tastefully Simple website


  1. I'm not much of a fan of tastefully simple, I actually love the spices from pampered chef. How were these?

  2. I love them! I've never been to a Pampered Chef party, but I'd imagine that it's pretty similar. The Everyday Grilling has become somewhat of a staple in my pantry. I love to put it on steaks. There's also this seasoning called Garlic Garlic that I've been using that I really like. The marinara was good, but not at all like the marinara you would get in a jar. Now that I'm counting my calories more closely, I'm working on a marinara that doesn't require so much olive oil. All of the ones I've made at the house are too tomato-y without it. I'll keep you posted.