Food Journal Wednesday, July 25

hot flax cereal
1 cup coffee with 1 Tbsp cream

(out at District Dumpling in College Park)
cabbage and carrot mix
spicy Schezuan green beans
mixed veggie medley- cauliflower, carrot, broccoli, peppers
*I also cheated and ate one of my friend's fried chicken dumplings.  So good.
diet coke

1/2 C cottage cheese
1/4 C ranch flavored sunflower seeds
2 Babybel cheese rounds

I tried a new recipe for pot roast in the crock pot that turned out to be a huge fail.  Sometimes, my cooking experiments don't go as planned.  I thought I could cook a smaller roast on high for 4 hours, which did not work.  Meat was not falling apart when we got home from the gym and carrots were still crunchy.  We ate it anyway, but I won't be sharing that recipe.

image via
2 slices of roast- maybe 1/2 a pound total?
handful of crunchy carrots
scoop of onions, which were actually tasty

1/2 C low carb ice cream

Gym: Shrink a Size in 14 Days, Day 2

lots of water today

fish oil
raspberry ketones
B complex

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